Who Am I?

Allow me to introduce myself, I am Wal Herring the creator of this website. You will notice this site is a miss mash of lots of things, simply because I am a miss mash of lost of things. I am a mother of three, I am the youngest of three sisters who grew up rural on a small northland (New Zealand) dairy farm. I have travelled all over the world, having my first child in England, second in Japan and third at home, unassisted in Piha, new Zealand.

I love the outdoors – especially mountain biking, I have a love hate relationship with yoga (I often hate it while I am there, but love it when I am done!). I am a Nutritionist and I love food, most importantly I love how food can be a catalyst for our own personal growth. I am learning to love gardening (because I feel a pull to do so) and I most of all I love people. I love their quirks, their differences, I love trying to figure out how their brains work.

You intrigue me.

Diet is about feeling awesome

Wal Herring
Wal Herring

Its time to start THRIVING. No more excuses.

Start by cultivating a healthy relationship with your self or a healthy relationship with food – free yourself from the energy drainers in your life – weather it be your thoughts, the labels you have of food/movement or the labels and judgements of others. Just start.

Knowledge –sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know. Learning about food is about being interested in what you are putting in your mouth.
Beliefs – About yourself, your body your health and also what you believe food will do or not do, for you. Emotional eating is the by-product of your beliefs.
Awareness – about how food affects you. Becoming inquisitive in your reactions (physically and emotionally) to food or if your health complaint(s) are affected by the food you eat.
Acceptance – of yourself – your body and your beliefs where they are today. We can always work on things and that will never change, but the first step is being ok with who you are, what you look like and what thoughts you have TODAY. It also is about seeing health and life as a journey.
Accountability – once you are committed to changing a habit or a belief, learning more in knowledge or just how to accept yourself you need accountability. Accountability will set the intention to be a clear focus. You will out grow your current situation when you make yourself accountable.

I am all about creating an environment where we are healthier while laughing often and feeling confident. Throughout 15 years of seeing clients, parents, athletes and children I have developed a very individualist approach to Nutrition. What works nutritionally/physically for clients and also what fits into their lifestyle. One diet does not fit all and there are many ways to change behaviours both in children and in adults. After all that is what health and healthy eating is all about, changing or forming (with children) habits to last a lifetime.

Healthy eating does not have to be boring or made into a sacrifice. I see healthy eating as a way to nourish yourself both physically and mentally, above all it should be something you want to do (as opposed to ‘should do’).

When I blog I am always trying to present information that is beneficial to the reader in not only a simple and thought provoking way, but a do-able way. If any of this resonates with you then sign up to my email list below. You will get regular updates and special offers right to your inbox. Also you can feel free to contact me at anytime with questions you may have.

Why the name Wal?

Short for Wally. This has been my nick name ever since I was about 7 years old, for two reasons

1) I love to have a laugh and have been known to have an uncontrollable cackle now and againPrint

2) when I was little I would find holes only a great contortionist could get into. I would fall asleep. Only to wake because a chorus of people were singing my name. My whole family had been looking for me. At the same time ‘Where’s Wally’ picture books were popular. As I was as hard to find as he was, the name Wally fitted rather well.


My Book

Healthy Little Eaters is a book to teach children how to develop a healthy relationship with food.