We have been fooled. Having a ‘good diet’ is synonymous with first and foremost looking good. We have put a huge emphasis on food and the way it affects our body shape as an indication of good health.

When I asked people what prompted them to go on or try change their diet, an over whelming percentage said something like ‘because I am 5, 10 or even 20kg over weight’.

Just look around and see most food advertising is aimed at how you will loose weight, how many calories you will or won’t be getting, how much sugar.. the list goes on.


All these point to outer changes – how we will look.


I will put this simply: What a load of garbage.


Making it about how we look is basically putting the power in someone else’s hands. What percentage of our day do we actually look at ourselves anyway?   Not much of the day is spent looking at ourselves, by changing our diets to try to look a certain way we are saying to ourselves that other peoples perspective is more important than our own.


Most if not all of the day we do feel ourselves, we feel what it is like to be us, our perspective.


The secret to the good diet is instead of asking ourselves, how much weight will I gain or loose eating this food? Ask: HOW DOES FOOD MAKE ME FEEL?


How does food make me feel?


When we constantly ask ourselves how does food make me feel? Not only straight after eating but 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours after a meal, we get a sense of how food can change our mood, our energy, our physical reactions, our emotions or our reaction or non-reaction to life. We don’t need science to tell us that there is a gut-brain link, because we will experience it ourselves.


I know myself, my energy drops after eating sugar. In fact it is getting worse as I age. Just the other day I had some white chocolate mud birthday cake and I had to go and sleep for 2 hours in the afternoon because it knocked my energy. Ultimately I don’t eat loads of sugar now, not because I want to ‘be good’ nor because I am trying to keep my weight in check. I eat very little because when I don’t eat it I have, less anxiety and loads more energy for myself. Which basically makes my life easier. I still do enjoy the taste, but I hate the effects even more than I enjoy the taste.


Keep asking the question: How does food make me feel? Although you maybe thinking right now, I am lucky because food doesn’t affect me, I don’t buy it. It’s a skill to have and if you have never practiced it before you may not be aware of just what a potent effect food can have on your physiological and or emotional state.

When you have food, keep checking in, see what you are feeling and experiencing, you will develop more self-awareness or self-food-awareness.



Once we develop our self-food-awareness it is much easier to start making changes in our lifestyle and diet, simply because we are internally motivated.


Difference between the two:

change way see diet



I challenge you to start thinking about food as in how it makes you feel rather than trying to loose (or put on) weight.   Life does become much less complicated and your will enter your diet journey.