How does Soberlink come handy in curing AUD?


Soberlink is a manufacturer of an under-the-radar alcohol monitoring device that documents sobriety at its highest levels of reliability and accuracy. HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Soberlink, the experts in alcohol remote monitoring, is pleased to announce that it has completed a first-of-its-kind, independent study conducted by Omni Institute, which examined how using the Soberlink reviews Alcohol Monitoring System enhances the quality of life as well as adherence to sobriety in recently sober individuals. The study, conducted by Omni Institute, provides critical evidence that treatment providers treating alcohol use disorder (AUD) can significantly increase the quality of life for their clients and enhance recovery outcomes through the use of Soberlink’s alcohol monitoring devices. For this reason, having a device like Soberlink that can serve as both a treatment evaluation for clinicians and an autonomous monitoring device for patients is crucial to treatment centers caring for individuals with AUD.

Because Soberlink’s alcohol-testing device has remote capabilities, alcohol monitoring can be integrated with any lifestyle and schedule, without requiring an in-person commitment. Because Soberlink’s alcohol testing device is capable of being used remotely, its users can test at the frequency of their choosing, by any of their involved parties. Soberlink’s alcohol testing devices can also be used to debunk false or misleading accusations of alcohol abuse. After one year of successful drug and alcohol testing, statistics indicate the risk for a alcohol relapse decreases substantially2,3 and, at that point, participants may ask for the Soberlink devices testing frequency to decrease.

This study suggests that the Soberlink is more likely to identify short-term alcohol relapses compared with urine drug tests, and is easier to use. At the moment, the PA PHP is using Soberlink devices mostly for participants with a diagnosis of alcohol use disorder who were not able to avoid drinking during the drug test. The goal of the randomized clinical trial is to assess the use and effects of the Soberlink BAC device, in conjunction with mindfulness-based treatment (with access to Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment via Mindful Recovery Care) for patients with AUD.

Praise was raised recently when Soberlink was included in a consensus document by a group of experts on the use of remote monitoring for the clinical treatment of alcohol use disorders. Rated as the industry’s leading expert on Remote Monitoring Technology, Soberlink’s Remote Testing services provide parents with an option for uninterrupted alcohol monitoring, replacing the outdated alcohol monitoring methods with a remote-based alternative that helps to hold them accountable. With retention in mind, Soberlink’s Remote Alcohol Monitoring System offers parents a way to successfully manage sobriety, thereby providing the child a safe environment, as well as setting the necessary protections.

The Soberlink Comprehensive System provides remote alcohol monitoring in order to address the needs of an increasingly distant world. The reviews about Soberlink system is a complete approach to remote alcohol monitoring, pairing professional-grade breathalyzers with wireless connectivity.

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