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How Facet Joint Injections Can Help You Feel Better

Facet Joint Injections

Back and neck pain can greatly impact your quality of life, making even simple activities challenging. For some, relief may come in the form of facet joint injections. These minimally invasive treatments target the facet joints, which link your spinal vertebrae and provide stability in your spine. By administering facet joint injections, pain relief can be achieved, and daily life can become much more manageable.

Understanding Facet Joint Injections

Facet joint injections concern injecting a small amount of steroids and local anesthetics directly into your facet joints. This combination of medications reduces inflammation and block pain signals, relieving those suffering from back and neck pain. Facet injections in Chicago are typically performed under the guidance of X-ray imaging to ensure precise placement.

If you’re considering facet injections, it’s important to know that results can vary for each individual. The length of pain relief can be influenced by factors such as the severity of the underlying issue and the number of injections performed. By knowing how long facet joint injections typically last, you can plan ahead to make sure that your pain levels stay under control.

Preparing for Your Facet Joint Injection

Before receiving a facet joint injection, discussing your medical history and any existing medications with your doctor is crucial. They may guide how to prepare for the procedure, including stopping certain medications, such as blood thinners, in advance.

While facet joint injections are performed with local anesthesia, some patients might also receive sedatives to ensure their comfort during the procedure. It’s a good idea to arrange for transportation home following your appointment, as driving may not be recommended after receiving sedatives.

What to Expect During and After the Procedure

During the procedure, the doctor will use fluoroscopic guidance to precisely place the needle in the facet joint. Once positioned correctly, the steroid and anesthetic mixture will be injected. The procedure generally takes around fifteen minutes to perform, though additional time may be needed for anesthesia to take effect.

After the procedure, you may feel immediate relief from your back or neck pain. However, the steroids may take a few days to provide their full effect. It’s essential to carefully follow your doctor’s post-procedure instructions, which may include gradually resuming physical activities and monitoring the injection site for any signs of infection.


Facet joint injections can effectively alleviate back and neck pain, allowing you to regain control of your life. With proper care from an experienced medical professional, this treatment can provide much-needed relief and improve your overall well-being. For a more in-depth guide on what to expect from facet joint injections, you can read this helpful blog. If you’re considering facet joint injections, consult an expert to discuss your options and determine if this procedure is correct.

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