Synthetic urine and its uses


Lab tests are necessary for sports people. When the tournament starts the organizers conduct drug tests for the players. Artificial urine is helpful in tests. Synthetic urine is called lab urine which is made up of chemicals. Synthetic urine looks similar to human urine. Synthetic urine is used in certain medical tests and procedures. In urine tests, it is used as a substitute for human urine. For the study purpose, synthetic urine is used. The people practice medicine and the lab students use synthetic urine for lab purposes. Synthetic urine kits are available for people to use in the urine kits.

The composition of the artificial urine kit

Synthetic urine kits are used for the dope test, hair drug tests, saliva drug tests, and other tests. Synthetic urine has the same color as human urine. The smell is also similar to real urine. The chemical composition is also the same as human urine. The synthetic urine is prepared by using the kit provided. The urine kit contains powdered urine, distilled water, and heated pads. The chemicals present in synthetic urine are uric acid, urea, sodium phosphate, chloride, and potassium chloride. It is helpful in an unsupervised drug test. The advantages of synthetic urine are listed here.

The advantages of the synthetic urine

Synthetic urine is more effective in drug tests. The human urine preparation is easy as the manual to prepare the urine is included along with the kit. The artificial urine kit is affordable for users. It can be used by both genders. Synthetic urine has more shelf life because it comes in powder form. There are no artificial preservatives used for the preparation of synthetic urine. The kit contains a reusable temperature kit. It is very simple to use and easy to carry. The kit is available in offline and online stores. The availability of synthetic urine kits is listed here for the users.

Availability of synthetic urine kits

First, visit the official site of the synthetic urine kit producer. Read the product details on the official site to gain knowledge of artificial urine. There are many discounts and offers present in synthetic urine powder kits. Check out the content on the product page. The synthetic urine package comes in different amounts. The price of the product is listed on the site. Choose the number of the packages and the price is listed on the site. Add the products to the cart on the product page. The discounts and offers are listed on the official site.


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